Leather charging cable USB-A to Lightning

Leather charging cable USB-A to Lightning

Art.nr. 14271
Minsta antal: 100 st

Exclusive charging cable with single connector, covered in artificial leather for a more luxurious look and feel.

Connectors from USB-A to Lightning in aluminum, which contributes to the feeling but also extends its service life.

Perfect for you who want a single cable without multi-connectors with a more sophisticated design.


Antal 100 250 500
Pris/st 53,50 50,00 48,35



Totalt pris kr


Material Aluminium, artificial leather
Tryckmetoder Engraving
Tariffkod -
Prisinformation Alla priser är SEK exkl. moms. Tryckkostnad förutsätter ett tryckfärdigt original.

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